Selfridges is the first department store in the world to launch its Christmas Shop, 149 days before Christmas Day.

Selfridges is the first department store in the world to launch its Christmas Shop, 149 days before Christmas Day.

News Story | Issued on: July 29, 2019

London, Monday 29 July - Selfridges has unveiled its new Christmas Shop this morning, and officially revealed its Christmas theme: Future Fantasy.

The 2019 Christmas theme celebrates the enduring magic of Christmas, regardless of times changing in unpredictable ways. Christmas is still the time of year when people yearn for the magic, wonder and the tradition togetherness.

Boldly going into a futuristic vision of Christmas for its 2019’s theme – Future Fantasy – Selfridges rethinks traditional, beloved festive stories and re-tells tales as old as time, but through a modern lens. This is a next generation Christmas, an interplay of old and new – even Santa has undergone a sleek and radical makeover by becoming Future Fantasy Santa.

Both ‘traditional’ Santa, and his 2019 alter ego Future Fantasy Santa will roam Selfridges come the Christmas season to delight children and grown-ups alike.

The Christmas Shop opens in 2 phases

As in previous years, Selfridges launches its Christmas Shop in two phases, with phase two set to launch on Monday 2nd September with the complete, full-scale product offer.

The first phase launches today with 100 more product lines than in 2018 bringing the total choice to well over 600 lines. When the full scale Christmas Shop opens in September the selection will increase to 3,500 lines.

In the first phase, pricing starts with £2 for a London bus key ring and the cheapest Christmas bauble being a silver lurex glass bauble at £6. The most expensive bauble in comes in the shape of a ‘Santa on a motorcycle’ at £45 which is part of the ‘Santa’s Day Off’ range. When the full offer extends on Monday 2 September the most expensive bauble will be a velvet gold crown tree topper at £95.

Outside the Christmas bauble selection, the most expensive item sold currently is a 30cm-tall ‘Santa Yoga’ figurine priced at £100. Come September, among the most expensive items sold from the Christmas Shop, will be a pre-lit Bedminster fake Christmas tree at £2,000.

Most of the items from the Christmas Shop were either handmade or finished by hand with some ranges made in the UK.

The on-going commercial success of the summer launch of the Selfridges Christmas Shop translates into year-on-year record sales, driven by both domestic early Christmas shoppers and souvenir-hunting overseas customers keen on bringing back home unique mementos of a London Christmas.

The Selfridges Christmas Shop on 4 will house a selection of contemporary decorations falling under six key themes:

Future Fantasy: this theme will include neon hues that contrast with silvers and icy blues. Decorations will range from twinkling stars to detailed planets. Exclusive decorations include neon paint-splattered baubles by Eat Pray Pedal (£35) which are made by hand, take over 20 hours to complete and are all unique. The small artisan London-based brand also produces hand-made crackers (from £12).

Selfridges Icons: This year, and for the first time, Selfridges will introduce a collection of bespoke baubles representative of the brand itself inclusive of some items symbolic of London featuring the iconic Selfridges yellow. The collection includes Selfridges’ yellow shopping bag, a yellow double-decker bus, as well as a silver Pegasus inspired by the now Insta-famous Damien Hirst’s hanging sculpture located in Selfridges newest restaurant, the Brasserie of Light (from £17).

Celebrity: London and its iconic figures are featured as handmade decorations (David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust and Prince Baubles from £5) and the Icon Crackers (£50) which include Anna Wintour, Audrey Hepburn and Elton John.

Feast: This colour scheme includes festive reds and golds, along with miniature food baubles such as glistening figs, aubergines, glittering garlic bulbs and a whole roast Christmas turkey! (From £14).

Santa’s Day Off: For those looking for something a little more quirky, Selfridges collection of ‘hipster’ Santas (dressed in checked shirt and beanie hat) can be seen rocking out and surfing (from £25).

Midnight Jungle: with chic Christmas parties in mind, the Midnight Jungle collection oozes sophistication with emerald green and deep purple tones. The collection also includes gold leaves and glittered ferns as well as exotic birds, tigers and cheetahs (From £20).

Oyster: inspired by champagne tones and pearlescent finishes, hero decorations include large silver and gold sequined icicles and a shimmering oyster with pearl (From £14). 

When the Christmas Shop fully opens on Monday September 2nd, it will include:

3,500 product lines including the ultimate pre-lit Christmas tree, from the Bedminster range, priced at £2,000. This means that customers will have access to tens of thousands of stock units across baubles, ornaments, decorations and Christmas trees as well as a variety of festive stationery
The largest decorations story, comprised of 145 options, will be ‘Santa’s Day Off’, showcasing all of the leisure pursuits Santa gets up to when he’s not busy delivering presents such as, surfing, snowboarding and weightlifting.
Selfridges’ own Christmas themed range - this year is the first year that Selfridges will release its own range of Christmas themed decorations, with 8 options to be released including the iconic Selfridges shopping bag
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Eleanor Gregory, Selfridges Christmas & Home Buyer says:

“We've been opening the doors to our Christmas Shop during the summer for many years and our customers consider Selfridges a real destination for fans of Christmas and festive decorations within and outside the UK. Some customers return to us year after year, excited at the prospect of discovering the new ranges and adding to their collections.”

“We have so many customers visiting from all over the world, eager to snap up festive decorations and souvenirs on their London summer holidays which they can't buy at home. So, we make sure we're ready to showcase Christmas decorations they will truly treasure. This year, we are excited to introduce the Selfridges decoration range and hope customers will enjoy taking a small piece of the store home with them after their visit to the Christmas Shop.”

“Our summer Christmas shop launch simply addresses the growing demand for convenience Christmas shopping outside the traditional Christmas season from many of our customers - they include a large number of domestic customers who love to Christmas shop very early in the year to get it wrapped and taken off their to-do list. They also tell us that they like to be able to take their pick of the very best selection available, whilst the range we offer is at its most comprehensive.”

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